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Upcoming events

  • Third teacher training event at School of Business Administration in Karviná, Czech Republic in spring 2019
  • Third Intensive programme at Jean Monnet University, France in spring 2019
  • Second ECMT+ workshop "Entrepreneurship in times of disruption" at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium 22. - 23.11.2018

Find the detailed workshop programme here!

Recent events

  • Intensive programme at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany 26.2-10.3.2018
  • Teacher training event at Poznań University of Technology, Poland 14.-15.12.2017
  • Train the trainer event at VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium 16.–17.10.2017
  • Intensive programme at Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland 6.-17.3.2017
  • Kick-off meeting at University of the West of Scotland, Scotland/UK 28.-30.11.2016
  • ECMT+ project started in 01.09.2016