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ECMT+ -project provides

  • Joint blended module and recource package for entrepreneurship education.  These will be accessible and open for all after the project life span.
  • International intensive course curriculum for entrepreneurship education. Three intensive programme pilots serve curriculum development and internationalisation of education.
  • Digital platform, Community of Practice charter and research publications supporting dissemination, exploitation and sustainability and accessibility of education.
  • Teacher community of learning and international peer learning models applicable by other HEIs. Three teacher training events serve the development of models and tools.

The main result of ECMT+ is modernised and coherent higher education, whose operation serves the economic growth boosting graduate employability, businesses and entrepreneurship. The results will be exploited on local, regional, national and European level in all the partner countries.

Figure by Liisa Timonen, graphics Jarno Vihonen

The impacts are varied; the ECMT+ course, blended module, digital learning materials and tools, community of practice, research journals and dissemination materials benefit all the stakeholders in a short and long run. ECMT+ builds human capacity and its impacts reach from local to regional and international levels. The direct beneficiaries are the staff and students but also working life partners. In a long term, also local business and people living in the regions will benefit.

ECMT+ builds pathways between educational organisations and regions and promotes participatory cooperation, brings transparency to the development work and its achievements as well as promotes new applicable tools for entrepreneurship education. The international network brings added value enabling the co-creation of knowledge and flow of best practices from region to region across the borders. The impacts of the ECMT+ will contribute to long-term expertise and entrepreneurship in the regions.

Outcomes divided by the outputs

Event Materials

Teacher Workshop in Poznań, Poland 14 - 15 December 2017