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Save the Date!

ECMT+ workshop "Entrepreneurship in times of disruption" discusses the challenges of the future in two streams: Current Challenges in the Business WorldMajor Society Related Issues and Education.

Do these challenges appeal to you?  - Save the date and join the workshop at VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Kortrijk, Belgium!

Addition to the two streams, the programme also includes Speed dating with ECMT+ partners, Networking Dinner and Panel discussion. 🍽️


Follow the ECMT+ webpage for more information later in Fall!


Significance of ECMT+ Participants’ Feedback for their Future Entrepreneurial Careers within the EU

Krystyna Heinz, Martina Chylková and Lubomír Nenička from the Silesian University, School of Business Administration in Karviná, Czech Republic, have written an new article, that was presented at the International Conference on European Integration 2018 (ICEI 2018). The research is related to the analysis of students´ reflective learning journals and essays created during the IP course held in Joensuu, Finland in March 2017. The target group involves 2 teams of participants – the Belgian and the Polish ones.


One of the consequences of globalization is the pressure on universities to internationalize and support student mobility for further European cohesion and competitiveness, therefore resources used in teaching should be multidisciplinary, critical, and obviously innovative to help students as future entrepreneurs to be able to cope with market demands on their knowledge, skills, and attitudes from the international perspective. The article introduces a unique Erasmus+ programme developed by the consortium of 7 European universities titled Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams (2016-2019) with the aim to teach students communicate effectively within multicultural teams during a ten-day course while solving and creating case studies being guided by a team of experts from partner institutions and companies. Except for obtaining theoretical and practical issues, students learn about themselves using a reflective method of a self-reflective journal and essay. The goal of the article is to present the outcomes of the comparison of two groups of students to identify students’ opinions to be able to implement the results into further activities within the International Programme and it could help teachers to enhance the curricula at universities.

Please find the article here!

1st International Symposium on Teaching Innovation

Dr. Badzińska from Poznan University of Technology participated in the 1st International Symposium on Teaching Innovation held in Salamanca, Spain on 16th April 2018.

In the symposium Dr. Badzińska presented the communication entitled "Practical Approach to Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneuship in Cross-Cultural Teams: Experiences from the ECMT+ International Project".