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"Two memorable and educating weeks in studying Entrepreneurship and Communication in Multicultural Teams"

Quynh Phan, student from Karelia University of Applied Sciences, wrote about her ECMT+ Intensive Programme experiences. The Intensive Programme was organised second time during the ECMT+ project, this time at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany.

ECMT+ Team from Finland

The text is part of the students' blog called "Studying International Business at Karelia UAS".

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Development of the European Project Erasmus+ ECMT+ - Evaluation based on Student´s Self-reflective Learning Journals and Essays

Krystyna Heinz and Martina Chylková from the School of Business Administration in Karviná, Czech Republic have written a new article concerning the ECMT+ project: Development of the European Project Erasmus+ ECMT+ - Evaluation based on Student's Self-reflective Learning Journals and Essays.

"Nowadays, the process of economic globalisation increases, therefore global issues and important decisions in business, politics, education, health, and culture tend to affect citizens across borders. New attitudes and skills are required to work in global teams and deal with business partners or customers across cultures. The question of setting up an international business and effective communication between people of different nations is essential. The article tackles a new international project (IP) which significantly contributes to the development of intercultural and communicative competence while solving and creating case studies in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups. During the course programme, students are given a balance of experience and theoretical issues, have an opportunity to introduce the various actors of the programme and set clear guidelines. The programme Erasmus+ IP involved intensive two weeks of working together both of students and teachers from six different institutions and different disciplines in order to reflect and develop their communication skills while working in multicultural workgroups. The project accepted and financed within the programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership involves universities from Finland, France, Germany, Scotland, Belgium, and Poland. The aim of the article is to analyse the self-reflective journals and essays being a very effective way of students´ reflection on their learning experiences and making them engaged in the learning process prepared by students from the Czech and Finish teams to be able to compare different educational and business backgrounds."

Please find the article here (p. 636-644)!


Internationalisation through Erasmus+ projects

In the latest Karelia UAS's Newsletter "International Edition 2018" you can read Arti Seth's and Daniel Kvíčala's experiences and thoughts after taking part in the first ECMT+ intensive programme held at Karelia UAS, Joensuu March 2017. 🇩🇪🇨🇿🇫🇮

The next ECMT+ Intensive programme will start at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany on 26th of February!

Please find the article here: